Rocketmania 50 cm (20") elliptical parachute

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With our Rocketmania elliptical chutes your rocket is always safe! Best quality chutes at the best prices. Perfect for high power rocketry. 

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Professional rocketry parachute for middle and high power rockets. This parachute is made of the best Rip-Stop Nylon 38g/m2 fabric available on the European market. This fabric is being used for making professional paragliders and military parachutes. It is strong, light and fits in really small tubes.

The canopy has a central hole that stabilises rocket descent. Shroud lines are sewed to the canopy and the ends are protected by a polyethene thermoplastic material so you can easily mount your parachute to the swivel.


Shape: hemispherical

Canopy diameter: 50 cm

Mass: 50g

Number of shroud lines: 8

Shroud line strength: 145 N

Canopy material: Nylon Rip-Stop, 38 g/m2

Shroud lines material: Polyester

Cd: 1,5 (estimated)